Why Frog Lacrosse

Small Rosters & Hands-On Recruitment

The Frog Quality

Our club programs are geared towards all levels of lacrosse players (k-12) ranging from beginners and intermediates to more advanced players seeking professional training. We focus on delivering quality programs with results that matter.

We strive to create a supportive and welcoming culture with an open door policy for feedback. We also believe in a fundamental-based training method and the importance of using proper techniques.


The Frog Experience

Frog Lacrosse focuses on character development in the pursuit of athleticism. Getting to know our thriving young athletes as individuals with unique strengths comes first, and lacrosse development second. As a staff and team, we believe each player is full of potential and has a special role to play on the team.

Check us out today and see firsthand if joining the Frog family is right for you. Our programs are located in Minnesota’s premier athletic training facility at The Cages in Burnsville.

A Message from Cory Childs, Frog Lacrosse Founder & Director of Programs

As a very competitive person, I know lacrosse is still just a game. We need to remember why the kids play lacrosse—it’s fun. Participating on a travel team should be more than just playing lacrosse on the weekends. It’s an opportunity to grow long lasting relationships and bring families together.

As parents, we want to provide the best experience for our kids and my goal is to give your son or daughter an excellent lacrosse experience. Some people may associate fun as being “less competitive” but by no means is this true. If your child loves the game like I do, they will enjoy working hard. Competitive lacrosse players understand it takes constant practice with high quality repetition to compete at the highest levels. At Frog Lacrosse, our goal is to provide the ultimate experience.