Why Frog Lacrosse?

The Frog Elite travel program is made up of the best players in the south metro of the Minneapolis area and has attracted talented players from as far as Rogers, MN. Our Elite program is focused on acquiring players who strive to be college lacrosse players and are looking for a club to assist them in their specific goals.

Our Frog Elite youth teams will heavily focus on fundamental improvement and enhance their lacrosse IQ. Going into our fourth year of the program, we have developed a strong base to build on. We are excited to take our teams to the next level and strengthen our program through the abundance of feedback we have received through our surveys (Frog Lacrosse is always seeking feedback from the lacrosse community).

Frog Lacrosse will pick 18-20 players at each graduation year, and travel to quality events across the country. Our elite team players will have access to invite-only showcases and recruiting opportunities through our Lax Federation and other partnerships.

Our Values

  •  Character & Respect: Our program expects the highest standard of character on and off the field. At Frog Lacrosse, we want the boys to understand that playing the game of lacrosse is short-lived, but the lessons we take away from the sport last a lifetime.
  • Family: Our goal at Frog Lacrosse is to continue bringing the Frog families closer together and spend time as a group away from the fields. With our program going to an all-year model, we have more opportunities for our families to bond.
  • Support: Player attitudes and interpersonal dynamics significantly impact a team’s atmosphere. We understand that developing a positive environment through the good and bad will bring a team together.

Frog Methods

  • Frog believes in a fundamental-based training method and the importance of using proper techniques as a young player.
  • Accountability: Frog Lacrosse has experienced coaches who understand what it takes to become a great lacrosse player. We hold our players to the highest standard.
  • Recruiting Philosophy: Frog Lacrosse is focused on finding the best fit for our players and understand the importance of academics through the process. This coming year, we expect to become more involved in reviewing grades and test scores of our players.

Frog Lacrosse Partners with the Lacrosse Federation

  • The Lax Federation (Lax Fed) is a group of well-established and highly successful lacrosse clubs who collaborate at the national level. The Lax Fed allows its member clubs the unique opportunity for its players to play with other elite players from across the country on the Lax Fed national teams; collaborate to provide premier lacrosse events, offers member players the opportunity to be featured on the Lax Fed website and receive industry leading online recruiting services provided by ConnectLAX.
  • Member Team Players have the opportunity to play with the best across the country. Players will be selected by the Lax Fed Committee comprised of current college coaches and more. More information on the teams will be coming soon.

Roster Sizes

  • Frog Lacrosse will only carry 18-20 players on their Elite rosters, which sets us apart from many clubs in the state of Minnesota. At one tournament, other MN rosters had as many as 7 more players on their bench.  At Frog Lacrosse, our goal is to make sure our players are getting as much playing time as possible.
  • In a team game like lacrosse, this can be tough, but with our smaller rosters, parents should expect their child to be on the field more at Frog Lacrosse.

Quality over Quantity

  • We understand the commitment and time that families put into club lacrosse, and we want to make sure we are focusing on quality over growth. As we head into this season, we understand that we will have enough interest to offer multiple teams at certain age levels, but will not be offering B teams at Frog Lacrosse. We have a vision of what we want Frog Lacrosse to be, and that is to be the most selective club program- not the biggest.


  • Frog Lacrosse is not going to be the best fit for every family, we understand that. We are a niche program that is not trying to appeal to the masses. We want players and families who fit in with our core values that we have created within our program. On each of our teams, we strive to create a culture and family feel. And we understand that one size does not fit all, each team within our programs has their own unique culture.

Frog Lacrosse is well connected in the Recruiting World

  • One thing most people don’t know about Cory is the fact he has been doing this for over 10 years and has made connections across the country. All Frog Lacrosse players will have access to the best evaluators and recruiting events. We have already seen multiple Frog players go off and participate in national showcases.
  • More importantly, we have witnessed hundreds of players go on to play at the next level from Minnesota, and have an incredible eye for talent and college placement. At the end of the day, the player makes the decision, but our staff is here to test our players and challenge their thought process. Most of the lacrosse players in Minnesota will not go on to play D1 lacrosse, and we are here to help them navigate the recruiting landscape.

Frog Lacrosse is driven by parent/player feedback

  • Our staff understands the importance of player and parent feedback, and how it can help shape our program. After this summer, we have put together a list of positives and negatives, and how we can become stronger at our weaknesses. This method and open door policy will help our company provide a great product.

Frog Facility

  • Frog Lacrosse has moved into The Cages in Burnsville. This will provide our players with optional training programs throughout the four seasons. Frog Lacrosse not only offers lacrosse training but has access to a professional athletic staff that focuses purely on their athletic mechanics and strength of our players.


  • One of the most important aspects at Frog Lacrosse is family inclusion. Once our teams are formed, we will schedule parent social hours and player activities. This way, our families will feel more connected as we head into our tournament schedule.



  • At Frog Lacrosse, we send out surveys to our families throughout the year. Not only do we take feedback seriously, but we are quick to adjust when necessary. The families in our program can speak firsthand about our customer service and always listening/responding to feedback. We, without a doubt, respond better to feedback than any other club currently running in Minnesota.

Coaches Development and Screening

Our Frog Lacrosse coaches have a variety of experiences and backgrounds in coaching. We believe in hiring coaches who share the same values as our staff, and at the same time can bring something different to the table. We are excited to have many of them involved with coaching at the high school and/or collegiate level. We also have coaches who are current college lacrosse players who bring with them valuable perspectives of real-time expectations at the collegiate level. We know that our coaches are one of the most important factors in our success as a program and we are committed to having the best in the metro. We require background checks prior to being hired. We also provide ongoing training throughout the season, not only in lacrosse development but also in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Our Frog Staff will also create new training and leadership development opportunities. We believe our coaches should be expected to develop like our players – every coach, at any level, can improve as a leader!


“My son began participating in the Frog Lacrosse program through a winter clinic and we were immediately impressed with the organization and the high level of instruction. It quickly became clear that Cory and the other coaches not only have great knowledge of the game, but they also excel at teaching and acting as role models for young men.  I really appreciate that in the Frog Lacrosse program character and attitude are valued as much as talent and skill. Spending a lot of time with the coaches, players and families, I have been very impressed with the people associated with Frog Lacrosse. It is a great environment for my son to improve as a lacrosse player and grow as a person.

In our first season with Frog Lacrosse, the team played in tournaments in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Oregon. Playing against very high levels of completion, the team performed well and was successful in every tournament. They also had a lot of fun. Watching the growth in confidence and skills of my son and his teammates during a single season was impressive.  I can’t say enough about the role that Cory and his staff played in achieving that growth. 

My son loves playing for Cory and the other coaches at Frog Lacrosse, and because of that, I can see the extra effort he is willing to make to become the best lacrosse player he can be. We were looking for the right travel program, and Frog Lacrosse has been a great fit.”


“As parents, we want to provide the ultimate experience for our kids and my goal is to give your son/daughter an excellent lacrosse experience.

Some people may associate fun as being “less competitive” but by no means is this true. If your son/daughter loves the game like I do, they will enjoy working hard. Competitive lacrosse players understand it takes constant practice with high-quality repetition to compete at the highest levels.”

-Cory Childs, Frog Director

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