Private Lessons

Frog Lacrosse provides individual lacrosse lessons that are personalized for each player based on their position and ability.

Private lessons will include the following:
  • An initial assessment of the athlete’s level of play and skill set
  • Tailored lessons based on the assessment as well as the player’s goals
  • Individualized “homework” to be completed between lessons, which will include both physical and mental lacrosse work
  • A final assessment with written feedback regarding the athlete’s progress, strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for continued improvement

Individual lessons (1 coach, 1 player): 45 minutes / $40.00 per lesson.

Pair lessons (1 coach, 2 players): 45 minutes / $50.00 per lesson ($25.00 per player)

Please email us at to learn more about our private lesson opportunities!

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