Blue & Yellow Series

Our Blue & Yellow series is geared towards boy players who are looking to compete against other competitive players. At Frog Lacrosse, we are using this clinic/league series as an opportunity for players to fix/develop new habits, and execute these new skills in our scrimmage each week.

The Blue & Yellow Series will have a clinic/league format. This means that all of the players will train with the Frog coaches, followed by a scrimmage run by the Frog Lacrosse staff. Our Blue & Yellow drills will be a combination of fundamentals and situational lacrosse. We want the boys to understand how our drills build into in-game situations.

The players will be split into two groups each week and preach competition during all of our drills. We plan to use a point system each week that will pit the two teams against each other, helping to develop an exciting environment of competition for the boys!

Target Development:

Position Specific Drills

Multiple Offensive & Defensive Concepts

Recognition of Transition Opportunities

Man Up & Man Down Schemes & Rotations

Practice Plan Example:

Perfect Passing (Stationary Stick Work)

Upfield Passing (Passing while moving)

Ground Ball Wars (3 vs.2 – 6 vs. 5)

Transition Build Up (Fast Break drill that builds up to 6 vs. 6)

Controlled Scrimmage

*Each week will emphasize one major part of the game, as it can range from offensive concepts to riding and clearing.


With our travel program going to an all-year round model, our Blue & Yellow Series will only be offered in the Fall.


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