Laura Childs

Laura Childs

What I enjoy most about coaching:

Sharing my love and passion for lacrosse with my players. And watching them turn into the women and players I know they are capable of being.

Our Frog lacrosse program is different because:

Frog lacrosse provides a multifaceted experience. We don’t stop at practices, games, and tournaments, but we provide opportunities for our players and parents to increase their lacrosse IQ off the field. We do this by bringing in referees to discuss rules, film study of the game, and learning about equipment. Our staff and coaches are dedicated to sharing their love for the game with their players while creating an environment that is enjoyable for all. We hold to the belief that if the player is having fun they are going to perform well.

When I’m not coaching lacrosse, I like to:

Spend time with my children, be outside, and if possible read

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